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Feb. 8th, 2016 10:00 am
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О пользе ленты новостей. Я же на фэйсбуке массово отписываюсь от публикующих всякую чернуху, и радостно подписываюсь на интересных мне фотографов. А дальше начинается эффект лавины - когда фотографы делают репосты других фотографов.
Собственно именно таким образом нашел этй фотографиню.

Немного о ней:

Niki Boon lives in Marlborough , New Zealand, formerly trained as a physiotherapist , she worked both in New Zealand and the UK for 6 years. Although photography was a passion throughout these years it was only on having children and eventually leaving the work force that she pursued the medium with more focus.
Her Photography focuses primarily on her family ,her alternative course of education for her children and way of life in rural environment.
Niki's work has been published in light and shadow magazine, fraction magazine, blur magazine, national geographic blog.
Her work appears in her first group exhibition in A Smith gallery this month.

Хотя может быть и слегка мрачновато.


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